Foods that are the reason of higher sensitivity in teeth

Amongst a variety of oral problems, sensitivity is something very severe in terms of pain and discomfort. Different reasons including, genetics, junk foods, poor diet, consumption of tobacco are there to result in this issue.

But it is better for you to get yourself checked out by a professional dentist, in order to know the actual reason.

The temporary sensitivity is the result of consumption of hot or cold junk food, as they have higher amounts of sugar. Suggestions to go to a dentist is especially because it will help you to know about foods that are the source of chronic sensitivity.

A serious issue is tooth sensitivity and a perfect care is important to get rid of it.

A list of these type of foods is mentioned in this article. You need to take too much care while you are up to consume them.

Ice cream

In most sugary foods, ice cream is on the top of the list. Its coldness along with sugar are the main reasons to cause sensitivity. Due to weak enamel layer, the teeth are easily exposed to the coldness hence sensitivity takes place.

Ice creams are not the only reason for that, but cold beverages also play role in it. Therefore, both these things should be better avoided.

Food that contains acids

You also need to consider not eating too much of the acidic foods as well. Some of these include, citrus and tomatoes, these are the reason why your enamel can get more weakened.

In addition to that, there is a variety of juices that can cause sensitivity as well. These juices contain sugar as well as they have their acidic nature.

Drinks that contain soda

Some of the drinks that contain soda makes them chilled and cold. These drinks are surely preferred by people when there is summer on the peak of its hotness. But is it good for your teeth?

These soda containing cokes and othe cold drinks amhave both, the sugar and acid in higher amounts. As mentioned earlier, these two can cause sensitivity with all its pain.

Consumption of hot coffee

As long as coldness is harmful so is the hotness. Hot coffee can damage your enamel even more than that of a cold ice cream or a drink. It becomes the sole reason for more sensitive nerves of the teeth.

Not only that, when you are using sugar in your coffee, you are even enlarging the issue for you. These all things together can damage your enamel on larger extent and can become the reason of higher teeth sensitivity.

Food that sticks

It is obvious, that most of the people like to eat candies and other sweet stuff, that can get sticked to the teeth. Sticky food is very harmful for those with sensitive teeth.

As these foods have sugar in higher amounts, and when they are get stuck to the teeth, they start damaging its enamel. Hence, eating these type of foods can increase the sensitivity.

Chewing ice in summer

Another reason that can cause damage to the enamel and can crack it, is the ice. Ice is liked by people in hot weather, as it offers chilling sense of nature.

As it is chilling in summer, similarly is harmful and damage causing for teeth. More sensitivity in the teeth nerves is caused by chewing ice in hot summer.

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